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We take every project seriously and love working with clients to ensure that the very best standards are met. We will not rest until our clients get the designs they desire. To achieve this, we have invested heavily on new technology to produce 3D visulations that our competitors are slow to adapt. We have had extensive training to master these tools which, when combined with our expert knowledge and experience in the field of design and construction, will ensure that you can see exactly the design you're getting, from every angle at any time. 


If you require a structural engineers report for any work, such as removal of load bearing walls, we can provide the sturctural report with calculations to give you the best solution to your structure. We can also produce structural engineers reports for your mortgage lender too so please contact us if you require one. 


And if that isn't enough, we are also party wall surveyors so if you have any issues with your party wall, get in contact with us and we will be sure to help. 


Our director’s building and construction experience started in 1984 working on port construction as a site engineer in Bandar Abbas involving roads, buildings, ports, railways, drainage and wastewater treatment design. Upon his return back to the university, he did his research and worked extensively in the laboratory and computer centre of Queen Mary College (QMC) in parallel with his PhD degree. After finalising his PhD, he carried out a lectureship at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) in Tehran.


Upon his return to the UK, he established a company running architectural and design related works. Civil Engineers Limited established in 2010 to serve clients on architectural, structural and environmental related works.

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